Thanks to our new 21st Century relationship with our friends at HAKU, we have been able to streamline our system of recording new and renewed memberships and of making things as simple as possible for our members.

Once you are in the system as a GLIRC Member, you can utilize a “one click” approach to registering for GLIRC events.  That “one click” will automatically transfer all needed information into the system for that race, and you only need to update the information if there have been any changes to your information.

Once you are in the system as a GLIRC Member, you can also register for GLIRC events online using your Volunteer Points.

If your GLIRC Membership is up in March, you will continue to receive several reminders as to when your membership renewal is due, but they will all be transmitted by email if we have your email address. 

Please make sure that we have a current email address for you.  If there is a change in your email address or any other pertinent personal information, please let us know about it.  Ultimately you will be able to access your GLIRC Membership Account to make any changes in your information that are needed.

There are approximately forty people on our Membership books who we have no email address for.  We recognize that there are still a few people who do not use electronic mail, and we will accommodate them by continuing to use “snail mail” to entice them to renew their membership.  However, we encourage everyone who does have a current, active email address to let us know about it.    

There will be no processing fee, administrative charge or other extra charge for those renewing online.  The Club will absorb all administrative costs of online registration; your online dues payment will total $30 for individuals and $35 for families.  We will, however, be imposing a $5 administrative charge for those who choose to continue to renew with “hard copy” membership applications.

If you have any questions about the new system, please call the GLIRC office at (516) 349-7646.